So these are my three recent recordings:

1. Thinking About You by Frank Ocean – I tried (really hard) to sing the chorus the way he sings it, but I really couldn’t so forgive me, guys. Reaching those notes used to be too easy for me when I was younger (talking about 14 years old and below) hehe

To my surprise, some people actually downloaded this. WHAT! Is this true, now I am thinking if I accidentally hit the “Download” button thrice… Well, i have suspects, my sister, mother, and father… :))

2. Knock You Down by Keri Hilson feat. Ne-yo & Kanye West – My sister wanted to try recording. First she wanted to sing “Cruisin'” and “Way Back Into Love” but I disagreed, so we ended up singing this. It’s not bad. She is actually good. 🙂

3. Sa Aking Pag-iisa by Regine Velasquez – This one is unplanned, it is quite obvious. I didn’t even bother searching for an instrumental. Out of blue, I remembered the song and later that night I decided to record. Weird that someone actually asked me if this is my composition, it is not. I actually thought more people knew this song since it is by Regine Velasquez and it is one of her “different” songs with a (quite) “controversial” music video because it features a sexy side of her and Richard Gomez.

Enjoy? 😉


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