So I’ve been neglecting this blogsite for a while now, that is because of my thesis. Anyway, I don’t want to elaborate on that in this post because this is for the after-thesis weekend getaway!!

So last week, February 16, my good college friends and I went on a roadtrip because after a very long time… Jill is back from Taiwan! We have to thank the Chinese New Year for that!

Initially, we were planning to go around Tagaytay and try lots of food but Aivi had this “adventurous” idea of trying out wakeboarding (she is trying to prove something, that’s why). Thus, we ended up going to Nuvali (in Laguna) to try wakeboarding and experience their outdoor cinema. They don’t normally have this outdoor cinema set up, it is their post-valentine event. It was fun! Despite the harsh sunlight! Haha!

For lunch, we went to Tagaytay and, like always, we had a hard time picking a restaurant! We ended up having lunch at Bag of Beans! I highly recommend this place! It’s huge, well designed, and with good food.





And we did this thing where we placed all our phones and iPods at the center of the table so that we can’t use it. Quite not easy but it is a nice thing to do when you’re with friends or family! πŸ™‚


Now, that is not in order. Haha! We went to Nuvali in the morning to wait for Aivi, went to Tagaytay for lunch then went back to Nuvali to catch the outdoor cinema screenings and try wake boarding. Yeah, we did the actual wakeboarding thing at night. πŸ™‚

I think this is a “messy-all-over-the-place post” haha! But I know you will understand!

*no pun on this one (that makes me sad :() I’ve been rusty these past few days. Probably because thesis consumed all my brain cells. Haha! Will get ’em back soon! πŸ˜‰

Check out more pics of our trip at my instagram account: @ianioneon πŸ˜‰




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