So what’s behind my headlines? Aside from puns.

I try to categorize my posts into: Music, Literature, Photos and Puns (so far). As I have said on my “About” page, I am really into puns so, as much as I can, I make my headlines punny.

Music: Note-d

This one’s for posts related to music, usually videos. No, actually, this one’s only for videos as I will put reviews/comments/violent reactions in another category. Note-d is for my covers (or other people’s) and other eargasmic music. Announcement: As of Dec. 24, 2011 (1:53am), reviews/comments/reactions to music/songs/music videos are already under this. Hehe 😉

Literature: Time to Quill

I enjoy writing at times, I used to be a school paper writer back in high school but my schedule now won’t permit me to write often, thus, I can only write whenever I have free time to kill. It is quite sad since I really want to hone my writing skills, probably some other time (after college)!

Photos: Litra’ture

It is a hybrid of Litrato (Tagalog word for picture) and Literature. Basically, that’s it. Pictures and their stories.

Movies: Keepin’ it Reel

All about movies! Trailers, etc etc. Mostly, movie reviews. Whether I liked the movie or not; whether I thought it’s the bomb or a disaster, don’t take it personally, I’m just keeping it real.

Puns: Punny Encounters

Yeah, this one’s all about puns. Everything is/will be created by yours truly unless specified. Quite clearly, I want this to be the highlight of this site.

I hope I can include more categories in the future! Hope you like everything! Comment away! Wee!


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